• Sleep Apnea Test for Truckers: Is It Really Required?

    A truckers sleep study could cost a lot of money. Thus, when a driver is required to undergo such tests, the least a driver could do is sigh in frustration for the extra financial burden. A person, who seriously needs to get this truck driving, will probably just comply and shoulder the expenses. 


    Hint of Doubt Kicking In

    Is this sleep apnea test really necessary? This is probably a question that popped in the minds of affected drivers. If you ever delve deeper into the matter and collect more details, you would realize that there is significant difference when you are told 'you are need to get tested' and 'you are required to get tested'. 


    Updated About Regulations 

    Regardless how you were told about getting a sleep apnea test, it is probably your right to ask further questions. If the speaker tells you because it is mandatory, you need to know who or which agency mandated it. According to The Truckers Report, you are being lied to if you are told it is a mandatory policy in the trucking industry. This is because not all CDL holders are required to take such tests because FMCSA currently has no specific ruling on sleep apnea test in DOT physicals.

    FMCSA's only stance is that CMV drivers would not be medically certified or approved if they are diagnosed with any condition that will hinder them from driving safely. It is the employer, whose requirements might be stricter than the requirements of FMCSA. It is the trucking company that will basically decide based on its own used criteria if you should be tested or not. It is (this link) that draws the line. Moreover, it appears that medical examiners skirt the law by frequently requiring drivers to have the test. If it is the company's standards deeming you need a sleep apnea test, you probably have no other choice, but to comply.

    Searching Further

    Being knowledgeable and resourceful often puts people at an advantage. Sleep apnea tests, as an example, should not always be done in sleep centers or clinics. Just as WebMD discussed, there are tests that can be done at home, although this might not be applicable to all situations. Still, it is worth knowing you have other cheaper choices. There are mobile tests that offer greater advantages. With sleeping clinic tests, you have to set and schedule an appointment, while a mobile test does not involve any. Money wise, mobile tests are also cheaper than the clinical tests. With a mobile/home test, you are supposed to place an order with company of your choice. Afterward, a few sensors will be sent to you, which you are supposed to wear while you sleep. Any data received by these sensors would automatically be sent back to the testing company through the testing equipment or through your Smartphone. Testing companies have sleep physicians to analyze your data and determine if you have sleep apnea or not. If you have sleep apnea, the company will have a doctor get in touch with you so you could be prescribed a treatment. If this process makes you feel uncertain, you always have the option of scheduling a test from a sleep clinic.

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